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Pramod is an instructor and Master Franchise of Mid- Brain and e-learning courses with 15+ years’ experience in this field. He is a dedicated, resourceful, goal-driven professional educator, Youtuber, Human Resource expert. Pramod is a self-believer and believes training is transformation and training is a continuous journey to achieve success. He is a Founder of Global track education institute, who provides Brain Development courses like Abacus, Vedic Maths, DMIT, Photographic Memory, Mid Brain, Artificial Intelligence Programme to student across the globe. He introduced Mental Arithmetic first time in M.P, which is worth commendable. He believe in smart thought and smart work for holistic growth of students. He believes that every individual has tremendous hidden potentials and through proper training and coaching one can be guided to achieve all his personal, professional and financial goals.

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DMIT Counsellor, Abacus-Vedic Trainer, Photographic Memory course instructor
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Mobile :- 7974873610
Address :- 751/shakti nagar bhupteshwar, jabalpur