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Devna has been mentoring and teaching (almost in a life coach capacity) to her students for about 2 decades which has empowered her students not only in academics but also in social areas of their lives. It is imperative in today’s day and age, to provide the right guidance to our youth since they have wider platform of opportunities & exposure to information at their fingertips allowing them to make the choices they desire. Mother to 2 teenage boys, Devna has been influencing the choices her own children make by first educating herself about the current trends and keeping up with the latest leaps in education industry. This is evident in the academic standing of both her children in a way she has paved a way for them to follow their passion not only in education but also on social grounds. Seeing the confidence, tact and positive personalities that she was able to instill in her own children, she decided to pursue her teaching and mentoring passion and turn that into a career choice.

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These 22 years have given birth to a stronger teacher to students from various boards of ICSE, CBSE, SSC & IB grades from fifth to twelfth.